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Ever dream of a case that would allow you to truly use your smartphone hands-free? Well, the time has come. Simply hoist your phone on most solid surfaces, and enjoy! We introduce to you: the Anti-Gravity GOATcase .

Now, you will be able to attach your phone to the mirror and watch that makeup tutorial while you’re applying makeup, watch that football game while you’re shaving, FaceTime without having to hold your phone in your hands the entire time, or how about Netflix in the tub? Just attach your phone to the tile wall and enjoy! The possibilities are endless.

Nano-suction technology


  • Before using, remove the transparent plastic on the function surface.
  • If the function surface gets dirty, just simply wash it with clean water, and the quality remains the same.
  • This case works perfectly with most smooth surface like Glass, Wood, Whiteboard, Metal, Computer Screen... so please make sure your surface is clean and smooth before put the case on.
  • Do not push the case too hard or you might find it hard when disengaging it from the surface, potentially damaging your case.
  • The functional surface has a soft material, be gentle with it :)