Our Story

The phone case industry is known for being boring and monotonous, quite the contrary to the technology industry, which is fun and exciting. What better way to spice up the phone case/accessory world than to form the company GOATcase, the Greatest Of All Time case. 

GOATcase was founded by three New Jersians in their early-mid twenties who all had the common goal of turning the dull phone case industry upside down and making it edgy, trendy, and sexy. Just about half a year young, GOATcase has amassed quite the following in such a short period of time, especially on social media platforms. The GOATcase headquarters resides in the burgeoning town of Kearny, NJ which is just outside of NYC. 

Here at GOATcase, we strive to offer innovative solutions to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of everyday phone use. We have an intriguing arsenal of unique products, including anti-gravity cases, razor-thin, nearly non-existent cases, selfie cases, charging cases, and the list goes on. 

Feel free to contact the GOATteam at any time! We love you and thanks for being part of the GOATfam!