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The collaboration you've all been waiting for: GOATcase x Twiddlestuff! 

GOATcase and Twiddlestuff have come together to bring you what you didn't even know you needed: a fidget spinner GOATcase. This phone case is everything you love about the GOATcase phone case, with the addition of the newly adored fidget spinner toy.

The fidget spinner is detachable and easy to install. It's easy to spin; the average rotating time is 3 minutes - the harder you spin, the longer it spins!
This 2 in 1 fidget spinner case can relieve stress, ease anxiety, promote thought process, and protect your phone, hassle free.

A necessary protective case for GOATcase fans that protects your phone from scratches, crashes, bumps, and dust.

Spin it anywhere, have fun any time! 
Easy to spin using the fingers, one hand or both hands without any noise. 
Portable to be carried in pocket, bag, used at the office, while walking, or anywhere else!

Kit Contains 
1x Spinner Fidget with protective GOATskin case

Things to Know: 
1.You need to install the spinner on the phone case by affixing it onto the back. 
2. Simply hold this spinner in one hand, then use your other hand to spin it rapidly while using small, continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely. 
3.The fidget spinner is suitable for age over 14 years old.



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