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2 Pack Anti-Gravity GOATcase + Fast Charging Cable + Battery Bank Bundle!

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The GOATcase Anti-Gravity Phone Case for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy is the original stick-anywhere protective case for using your smartphone hands free.

The secret to GOATcase's powerful holding force is our revolutionary nano-suction technology, which secures your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy tightly against almost any smooth surface. Why buy a regular protective phone case when you can have rugged phone protection combined with zero gravity holding power?

Fast Charging Cable -Nylon Braided, Highest standard of quality cables, covered by premium quality braided nylon jacket. Our cables are durable enough to withstand heavy usage, but still in great performance without any change.

Battery Bank- Never lose your phone charge ever again with our portable charging bank. Not only can you charge your phone, but you can charge any electronic device that you want!


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